The Company

A Strong Community

The Indoor Skydiving Bottrop GmbH – invested about 4.6 million Euro in the project and generates over 20 jobs with the facility.

As late as in May 2008, the company laid the foundation for one of Europe’s fastest hightech wind tunnel and one of two professional indoor skydiving simulation in Germany. The wind tunnel is open for beginners and professionals from all sectors of skydiving and offers the possibility to practise flying without jumping out of an aeroplane. Of course, every enthusiast can try flying attended by an experienced trainer without previous knowledge.

The 34 metres high building is located near the alpincenter Bottrop. The flightchamber of the wind tunnel has room for up to six jumpers. It has a diameter of 4.3 metres and is the highest flightchamber in Europe with its 17 metres height. An extraordinary architecture offers every spectator the chance, to observate the breathtaking flight experience live.

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