Can I fly?


You don´t need to be a top athlet to fly with us.
A reasonable health and fitness is sufficient to take part in Bodyflying.

Please be sure that you comply with the participation requirements.

  • you are 4 years old or older (under 18 we need a signed permission from a parent or guardian)
  • if you had ever problems with shoulders, joints, back and discs, please talk with your doctor and contact us.
  • if you ever had a dislocated shoulder, we strongly advise not to fly
  • your body weight is not higher than 120kg
  • you are not pregnant
  • you are not under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs
  • you don´t have any dangerous heart or circulatory disturbance, and you do not wear a pace-maker
  • you don´t have acute injuries or diseases
  • you signed and submitted the statements of risk before your flight
On the day of your flights, please wear comfortable clothes. A daily outfit like Jeans and a sweater as well as well fitting lace-up trainers or sport shoes is just perfect. We offer all other flight equipment like a flightsuit, helmet and goggles. If you wear glasses or lenses, no problem, we have special goggles for you.