FAQ - Beginners

Which questions have beginners?

What is a windtunnel?
A windtunnel is a vertical freefall-simulator.
The generation of a vertical airflow simulates a skydive out of 4000m.

How does the flying without a parachute work?
The windtunnel in Bottrop is a recirculating windtunnel . Four huge fans provide a laminar airflow comparable with the freefallspeed in a real skydive out of 4000m.

How high can I fly in the windtunnel?
The flightchamber in the windtunnel in Bottrop is 4,3m width and 17m high. With coordinated movements of arms and legs, you can fly up to a height of 15m.

How can I influence the height of flying?
Our instrucors will show you the basic bodyflying manoevers. With a little experience you will find it very easy to control the level of your flight.

How can you regulate the airflow, is it for every person the same intensity?
No, the airflow gets adapted for each person. The controller, is sitting outside the flightchamber and regulates the airspeed, depending on the shape, the size and the experience of the flyer.

How high is the air- or freefallspeed in the windtunnel?
In the tunnel you reach a freefallspeed of 50 meter per second in average. Pro-Flyers using the facility for skydive-training, are working at a speed up to 70 meter per second. The tunnel-integrated fans are moving up to 1.5 tons of air per second.

How do I get into the airflow?
The flyers get into the airflow through a door on the lower side of the flightchamber. The flyer is standing next to the airflow and just leans into the airflow. Our instructor will assist you during the entry. You feel how your legs get lifted and you fly already on the air in the so called bellyposition. After the flyer get accustomed to the air, it is possible to fly in three dimensions.

Is the windtunnel flyer in the flightcamber by himself ?
No, experienced instructors stay in the chamber during all flights. They always have the possibility to help the flyer or stop the flight if necessary. Moreover he can assist the flyer to find the right body position and movements of arms and legs.

Do I need previous knowledge or qualifications?
Windtunnelflying is also possible for untrained person. Tunnelflying is suitable for all ages, everybody can experience freefall like in regular skydiving inside of our windtunnel. The participant should have a reasonable health and fitness. Each participant gets a detailed briefing and ground-preparation from our quailfied instructors before they experience the sensation of flight.

Do I need special equipment to fly in the windtunnel?
We provide equipment that is normally used in skydiving for every participant. The flightsuits are made out of strong fabric. The fully equipment contains also a helmet, protectors, special gloves and goggles.

Is it possible to fly with more than one person in the tunnel at the same time?
Skydiver are using windtunnels to practice formations up to 6 people at once. Unexperienced flyers just fly together with their instructors. As the flyers are getting more used to the air and are able to do controlled movements, it is possible to fly together with other participants.

Is it possible to interrupt the flying?
Everytime! A specific handsignal that is trained in the groundpreparation, tells the instructor to take the flyer out of the airflow. It is also possible to lower the airflow itself immediately by the controller.

How long can I fly in the tunnel?
A flight in the tunnel takes some effort as well as a skydive. The whole body is working, that means the muscles are getting tired.

Already 2 minutes of flight are an unforgetable experience. We recommend 6 minutes. That corresponds with the total freefalltime in a freefall skydiving course. Every basic movement of freefall can be learned. For untrained persons it is not useful to extend a total flight time of more then 20 minutes per day.

Pro-Flyers often fly more than one hour per day. For professional skydivers one hour of windtunnel training equals the freefalltime of 100 training jumps out of 4000m.