I want to Fly

Welcome to one of Europes most modern bodyflying windtunnel.

Our facilities are suitable for Bodyflying beginners. Bodyflying is an unforgetable experience for every age. You do not need previous experience. A reasonable health and fitness is sufficient to give Bodyflying a try. The flightchamber is an enclosed area. You can not slide or fall out of the airflow. After a short time you get used to the feeling and you can move in 3 dimensions. Experienced instructors will assist you in each tunnel session.

Further information for beginners under can I fly?

The steady airflow with a speed up to 290 km/h is equal to the freefall of a real skydive. Professional skydivers appreciate the authentic feeling of a freefall.

The flying area of the windtunnel is 17m high. With specific bodypositions experienced bodyflyers can fly to the max. height. The flightchamber is 4,3m wide. The space is sufficient for flying with up to 6 flyers at once.

Further information for experienced flyers under ProFlyer.